Our Expertise, Your Success

For us, success is not defined by our own balance sheet, but by the business and profit opportunities generated for our clients each year.

We know firsthand the impact that well-executed website design, business videos, mobile apps and marketing strategies can have on a business. Our founder, Darren Wagstaff, started Skyrocket Your Business with a simple premise:


  1. Make it easier to market your business ahead of the competition
  2. Leverage the power of technology, the internet and proven marketing strategies
  3. Apply a systematic approach to generating qualified interest from people who want what you have
  4. Systematically follow up on that interest and convert it into business opportunity and profits
  5. And systematically turn your customers into loyal fans

These Skyrocket Your Business systems work well—so well that many business owners that use them still try to keep it a secret from their competition.

Darren and his team offer a wealth of experience and deliver a pragmatic approach to digital design and marketing implementation.

Do you want to Take your Business to The Big Leagues?

Do you want to get customers ahead of your competition? Do you want a website that is built to get customers and not lose them? Do you want to get more done in a day without more demands on your time? Do you want to systematise your lead generation to save you time and money? Is your business at a cross roads where it’s time to step up or to step aside – simple promotion or relegation?

If you answered YES to any of these questions… then Skyrocket Your Business can help you.

Our Skills

Hybrid Website Design / 95%
Video Commercials for Business / 78%
Branding / 77%
Marketing & Lead Generation / 84%

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Skyrocket Your Business is not your average website or digital marketing design agency. Our team have been working with local and international businesses for over 10 years and what sets us apart is that we build websites websites | business videos | brands |lead generation campaigns with tried and tested strategies that are designed from the ground up to get RESULTS .

We believe a website is NOT just a website, it’s a systematised marketing tool for getting results when designed and coded in the right way.

Your web designer needs to understand your business, your sales process and your marketing – otherwise how can they create a website that will work for you?

Meet the Team


We make sure we understand exactly the goals you want to achieve first from your website, mobile app or video developments. Then we build you a hybrid website website | business video | brand |lead generation campaign that will convert your visitors for meaningful results.

Our team is at the cutting edge of Internet, Social Media and Mobile marketing and we combine this into every design we create.

We advise and consult with forward thinking business owners that want to take their businesses to the bigger leagues.

It is a fact that almost 90% of localised businesses are not optimised to take advantage of hybrid online marketing.

This gives you the edge when you get the team at Skyrocket Your Business involved.


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Your next website design is guaranteed for reliability, quality and results getting functionality for your peace of mind. We’re so confident in our designs and services that we guarantee you to be 100% satisfied with your next website design.

We even give you a 1 year hosting and software guarantee thrown in to boot which guarantees to keep you up to date and fully hosted for a whole year at no extra cost.

We take all the risk so that you’ve got nothing to lose.

Not only that we are the ONLY Website and Marketing Agency that offers you a future proof Warranty for Life…

“a Build it, Code it and Grow itWarranty for Life – protecting you, your business and your pocket from the unknown for years to come.

The choice is yours. You can be absolutely confident that investing in your next website with Skyrocket Your Business is your one and only 100% fully guaranteed choice.

*going live = means when any of the website designs we have worked on go live and are visible on your business website domain, e.g. yourwebsite.com. If you cancel the project or put it on hold at any point in time we will hold you development on our servers until you are ready to complete.