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From childhood many of us were dropped in front of the TV to entertain, educate or occupy us.

When a business leverages this childhood conditioning with the use of well scripted, well produced and highly targeted strategic videos it is not unusual to see a business’ reputation and profits skyrocket.

Videos can be used to teach, amuse, sell, promote and improve overall business conversion rates.

Statistics show that website visitors that watch a video are 81% more likely to make a purchase than those that don’t.

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Why Choose Us?

Your next video for business production is GUARANTEED for reliability, quality and results getting creativity for your own peace of mind.

We’re so confident in what we create that we even give you a lifetime online TV channel hosting guarantee thrown in to boot which guarantees to keep your video fully hosted for a lifetime at no extra cost.

The choice is yours. You can be absolutely confident that investing in your next video for business with Skyrocket Your Business is your one and only 100% fully guaranteed choice.

*being produced = means when the animation process starts

You tell us what results you need from a video for business and we will script it, record and produce it for you.

If you want it strategically designed and produced to help generate more calls or leads – we can do that for you. If you want it to sell your products or services 24/7 – we can do that. If you want it to save your staff time and energy we can do that.

Whatever the results you need, just ask upfront.

Skyrocket Your Business videos for business are scripted and produced to get results, so that you are given a boost to climb to the top of the league – no matter how busy you are.

Getting ahead of the competition as top dog is a science that requires a strategic framework. Every website design is built to make your business stand out head and shoulders above your competition. Just tell us who your competitors are and we will design a website (with your branding) to stand out. We can even integrate your website with social media and online TV video channels so that you reach more customers ahead of your competition and score a home run. Even get a reputation builder package to get your services, products and brand everywhere your customers are hanging out online.
At Skyrocket Your Business, my team and I understand how busy you are in running your own business – so we go to great lengths to make the whole process as simple, straightforward and hassle free as possible. Leave it to us to do all the technical and design stuff so you can get on with what you are best at: running your business.
Designing and building what you and your business needs is what we are good at. We do all the technical stuff so that you don’t need to worry about it. Even if you struggle to find the on and off button to your computer – no worries – we’ve got you covered. We can communicate with you by phone, by email, by text or even by post. We’ve got you covered.


1. Once you have ordered your video – Skyrocket will ask what results you are wanting achieve with the video. Now that may be: to present an offer to get more sales… to present your brand message for more leads… to deliver a welcome message on your website or online TV channel… to give instructions or answer FAQs… or to simply be a cog within an overall plan. A simple short questionnaire or a chat on the phone will make this information clear. Once Skyrocket know what results you are aiming to get a script for the video is written.

Voice over

2. Once the script is written – you will get to review it and give feedback regarding any alterations and edits. Each script is written to hypnotically convey your message in the most engaging way. Once the script is approved – then a professional voice over will record the reading of the script. At this point you can add suggestions of what type of imagery you envision in your mind – or simply leave it to our creative team to come up with the ideas themselves.

Video creation

3. Once the voice over recording is done, we bring it all to life with animation, custom music and sound effects. We love making your video as compelling as it can be. We implement Eye Catching graphics with engaging visual effects, motion and speed best suited to your video.


4. Once the video is finished – it will be uploaded to a Youtube online TV channel for review. When you are happy and 100% satisfied with the video, your video is ready to be published all across the internet. Our videos are HD quality and can be embedded anywhere with ease. They deliver complex business ideas with simplicity of understanding… and create an unforgettable and hypnotically engaging charm. 5. By request, we can install your video to your Website, to your own Youtube TV channels or Vimeo TV channels (if you have them) and even convert it to a DVD. If you want your video promoted using tried and tested video marketing techniques – simply ask. 6. If you want us to create your own branded online TV channels we can do that for you too.

Pricing and Ordering

Not every business can afford to pay the prices that TV stations and Film studios charge for a 30 second video commercial - it can literally turn into £10,000 and more just for 30 seconds. And if you want a prime time position for it to be played - that 30 seconds can cost you £200,000 during X-Factor. Now I know - this is not cost effective for 99% of businesses. That's why Skyrocket Your Business make video for business affordable so that any business that wants to move up a gear can experience the powerful effects video can bring. Check out our pricing and special bundle packages below.

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