Script Writing Discovery Form

Every video is based on a script first. The most important part of video creation is the voice-over script.

For further details review this article.

Best Converting Videos and Voice-over

The best converting videos are the ones that touch on the fears, aversions and desires of the target market they are addressing. For this reason we need to explore these elements and few others so that we can write a well crafted voice-over script that is designed to get conversions.

Discovering the key elements needed for a script

To establish what the script will need to cover – we need you to take the time to answer the following 19 questions and send them back to us…
If you prefer to download this form and email it back to us you can click here to download it as a word document. If you use the word document simply email it to darren(at)

Complete the Script Writing Discovery Form Online

Complete the 17 questions on the Discovery Form below. You can even save the form and return to it later (if needed).
Marketing Message Discovery Form
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