Video Investment Pricing

Thanks for asking about our animated video services

We can make you a powerful and effective short and catchy animated explainer video using proven engagement techniques. This is a proven and effective way to engage your audience that naturally distinguishes you from your competition and increases conversion rates.

Each video comes with royalty free music, and options for a choice of professional voice-over artists and script writing services. You can choose between our standard and custom services for your specific video needs.

You can review a selection of our videos on our Youtube channel here:


Every video production comes in 3 main stages.

  1. The script
  2. The voice-over
  3. The video animation

1. The Script

Some of our clients write their own voice-over scripts, others ask us to write the scripts for them.

We have a Script writing discovery form which (when you answer the questions in it) will form a great foundation for writing a powerful and engaging script for your video, whether you ask us to do it, or if you use it as a foundation to write a script yourself.


Here is an article Darren wrote on script writing:

If you want to review or complete our script writing discovery form simply click the Script Writing Discovery Form button above.

2. The Voice-over

Once you have agreed to a finalised and approved script then you can choose between a male or female voice-over artist. We have a selection of voice-over artist from the UK, Ireland, Australia and the USA (other countries are available upon request). The artists range from TV presenters, actors, radio presenters and voice actors.

Once you select your preferred voice-over artist we will send them the script to record. Once we have the recording we will send you a copy of the voice-over file to review.

3. The Video Animation

Once the voice-over file is back then the video animation can start. As the animation has to be synced to the voice-over, it can’t be started until the voice-over file is in hand.

Our video services come in 2 categories:

  • Standard
  • Custom

Simply review our portfolio of videos to find the type of style of video you are looking for. Share with us links to the video styles you prefer – this way we can see what resources, softwares, assets and production processes will be needed to create the type of video you envision. This will let us know whether your video needs fall into our standard or custom services.

What is the difference between Standard and Custom

Typically our Standard Services use our vast library of graphics, characters, specific softwares, animations and certain production processes. This is one of our popular services and is a good fit for many businesses and video needs. (In our portfolio most of our standard videos are the ones without the word ‘custom’ in the title or description.)

Our Custom Services include custom creations and may include the use of other more time demanding softwares and production processes. If your video needs custom and industry specific elements, and your video style demands more demanding software and production processes then your video needs may well fall into our custom video services. (In our portfolio many of our custom videos have the word ‘custom’ in the title or in the description). Again our custom services are very popular, and may include more than one team member to produce the video animation.

Video Length

The length of your video is dictated by your voice-over script… a 30 second TV commercial is based on a 75 worded voice-over script – so for your ease of reference here is a list of script word counts and the related video length:

  • 150 worded script = 60 second video (approx)
  • 225 worded script = 90 second video (approx)
  • 300 worded script = 120 second video (approx)

The investment pricing for the animation part of your video is based on the length of video and script length. Below is a breakdown of the priceings related to both Standard and Custom video services.

  • Custom Video Services

    First 60 seconds £350

    This typically takes 8 days

    Additional 30 seconds of animated video +£130
    (typically +4days)
    Additional 60 seconds of animated video +£260
    (typically +7days)

What to do next

If you want to discuss your video needs further or if you want to discuss a deadline you need to meet simply call us:

Call Darren on 01922 302032

Or contact us online here:

One of several videos re-created for BalanceBoards of London, UK, for a European expansion of their product sales. This specific video was re-created in Italian using one of our Italian voice-over artists with the video created for an Italian audience.

Examples of videos we have produced and created

Example custom video created for Midlands Motor Movers of Aldridge, West Midlands, UK

A video created for Rubbish King of Epsom, Surrey, UK

A video created for MW Electrical of Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

A custom video created for LDN Rent of London, UK, using custom styled characters and certain more demanding software production processes.

A custom video created for G & A Security of Darlington, County Durham, UK, using custom styled characters, animations and software production processes.

A custom video created for of London, UK, using custom styling and software production processes.

A standard video created for of London, UK, using our library of graphics, characters and certain production processes.

A video created for Kloo of London, UK, one in a series of videos created for the owner of Kloo.

A custom video created for HardSoft of London, UK, using custom characters and software production processes.

A custom video created for Intellicorp of London, UK, using custom graphics, animations and software production processes. This is one video in a series of video created for Intellicorp for their UK and USA promotions.