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Standard UK envelope sizes

Standard UK Business Reply Envelope and Mailing Envelope sizes.

The most popular standard envelope sizes for Royal Mail Business Reply envelopes and Royal Mail Freepost envelopes

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standard UK envelope sizes

Direct Mail Company

We offer a wide range of fast turnaround and direct mail fulfilment to clients up and down the UK from our West Midlands based mailing house.

Transactional Direct mail

Whether it’s weekly or monthly invoicing to interest changes, our secure mail fulfilment has everything you could need.

Bulk Postage

We have numerous clients that simply use us to save on their postage, as we send 1,000’s and 1,000’s of mailings per year which naturally pass on the savings to you.

Advertising Direct Mail

With high impact and personalised advertising mail, we have decades of experience in delivering a high ROI to your mail marketing.

Direct Mail Data Analysis

Smart data insights that validate, test and tidy up the quality of your bulk mailing campaigns, so that you remain in control whilst saving money.

Design & Print Services

Our team of design and print specialists will make sure all your print and direct mail needs are professional and designed to get results, whether its an order of 100 or 100,000.

Don’t just take our word for it…

What our print, mailing house
& direct mail clients say

Helpful… Professional…  Timely…

I have been working with the team for a number of years now and have always find them to provide an incredibly helpful, as well as professional, service. They always manage to assist with our varied requests and turn projects around in a timely fashion to meet our sometimes, fairly tight timescales.

Whatever the industry,
we’ll deliver your message

100% hassle-free with a Complete Peace of Mind Guarantee


Competitive services for Agencies and Print managers


Mailing House services for the Automotive industry sector.


Our mailing house and print services for Charities & Not-for-Profit Organisations


Our mailing house services for Schools, Colleges & Universities.


From local festivals, art gallery exhibitions to national business conferences our services are ideal

Local Authorities

Pension mailings, elections and council tax billing, information & promo campaigns

Mail Order

Catalogues, invoicing and so much more.


For Developers, Builders and Interior Specialists.


We work alongside magazine & book publishers


Services for Take-Aways and Restaurants to target customers.

Local Business

Services for Local Businesses of all sizes.

National & International

Services for National and International Businesses & Campaigns.