Send us your data files or finished artwork files

Within a few seconds, a grey “Send This File “box will appear below. To upload up to 5 files to us, just browse to your file location(s) and click the button marked “Send files to ”. Please fill in your email address and the “Please enter your message here” box so that we know who the files are from. There is no maximum file size.


The SendThisFile is totally secure as it uses AES-256 encryption. SendThisFile use data centres that are certified to SSAE16 and SAS70 standards.

Direct Mail Guarantee


Please wait until all images have uploaded before leaving this page. The red bar on the last image must reach the right hand side and the message “Files successfully uploaded” must display to ensure that the image(s) have fully uploaded.

More than 5 files?

To upload multiples of files, just wait for the “Files successfully uploaded” message after the first five files have uploaded, then repeat with your next set of images.

Supplying finished artwork to us

Naturally, we both want your work to look as good as possible and to minimise any delays in your mailing caused by incompatible artwork. There are a few essential rules that must be followed when supplying any finished artwork to any printing company. The easiest way for you or your designer to check your artwork before you send it to us is to read our artwork guidelines PDF. The most important basic rules are:

  • That the artwork and all images used are CMYK, not RGB. Professional designers and art workers always work in CMYK to get more accurate colours (although we can still convert your RGB files if you wish).
  • Images for print should be 300dpi at the size used in your document.
  • That the artwork is the correct size and that allowance has been made for 3mm “bleed” where necessary.
  • That the file has been saved correctly as a high-resolution press-ready PDF for use within our system. This is very important as not all software makes it obvious how a high-resolution PDF should be saved.