Standard UK envelope sizes…

Standard UK Business Reply Envelope and Mailing Envelope sizes.

The most popular standard envelope sizes for Royal Mail Business Reply envelopes and Royal Mail Freepost envelopes

Standard UK envelope sizes

Standard UK Envelope Sizes

Envelope sizes are based on standard paper sizes. The dimensions are in millimetres. The second dimension always refers to the flap. For example, a DL envelope has the flap along the long edge (220mm.

Envelopes for Machine Mailing

Envelopes used on mailing machines are called Mailing Wallets and are different from normal envelopes. They have to be slightly larger to allow for the insert and are always gummed. They also have a tapered flap, so that the mailing machine can open the envelope before inserting. Please ask for our advice on sourcing envelopes for machine mailing as we are specialists in producing direct mail envelopes for mailshots and can save you money.

Royal Mail Business Reply Envelopes

Please also see business response envelopes (commonly known as business reply envelopes) whcih are often used in direct mail. Royal Mail Business Reply Envelopes and Royal Mail Freepost Reply Envelopes.

Please get in touch – CPM are specialist envelope printers and have wide experience in the Printing & Mailing Business and are very happy to help with any printing for mailing advice that you may need.

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