Direct Mail and Printing Advice

Litho Print Company opened up as printers in 1978. We added the mailing business soon after and we can help you with any advice on print or mail.

Our artwork studio can advise on any artwork problems and if you are struggling to create artwork for your next project, we can help.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page may help or we are happy to offer specific advice if you message us.

Advice Pages

Clear and simple advice to getting your bulk mail and direct mail needs at the best rates and service quality.

    1. Targeted Business Promotion Advice

      An article on the advantages and disadvantages of leaflet distribution versus direct mail.

    2. Advice on using Royal Mail Bulk Mail services for maximum postage discounts

      An article on how careful use of specialist software and careful planning can save you huge amounts of money on postage.

    3. Direct Mail Advice Guide

      There are many pitfalls for the inexperienced when planning a mailshot or direct mail campaign. Our Direct Mail Advice Guide covers the basics.

    4. Advice on using Royal Mail Printed Postage Impressions

      Royal Mail Printed Postage Impressions are essential on any envelope that is used for bulk direct mail. You would not want to waste money on stamps or franking. Our advice guide on using Royal mail Printed Postage Impressions is useful.

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I have been working with the team for a number of years now and have always find them to provide an incredibly helpful, as well as professional, service. They always manage to assist with our varied requests and turn projects around in a timely fashion to meet our sometimes, fairly tight timescales.